Acute Injury Treatment

Acute Injury Treatment in San Antonio and Bandera, TX

An acute injury is a sudden and traumatic injury, such as one occasioned by a fall or impact during sports. Whether you lead an active lifestyle or work in an environment with high-risk factors, an acute injury can happen at any time and to anyone. When sudden injuries occur, the best course of action is to get fast and effective treatment.

Innovative Urgent Care and Family Clinic provides acute injury treatment, thus saving you hours of waiting in the emergency room. If your injury is minor and non-life-threatening, visit our offices San Antonio and Bandera, TX, to receive urgent care.

Our priority is to get you treated and healed in no time so that you can resume your normal life.

Types of Acute Injuries

Innovative Urgent Care and Family Clinic handles various types of acute injuries, including:

  • Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome, or Shin Splints
  • Back Pain
  • Minor and Deep Cuts and Lacerations
  • Fractured or Cracked Bones
  • Finger and Toe Dislocations
  • Sprains and Strains
  • Tendon Injuries

Our facility is equipped to handle the evaluation and treatment of the injuries listed above. For chronic or long-term injuries, we recommend visiting a hospital for diagnosis and treatment.

Acute Injury Diagnosis and Treatment

When you visit our facility, we’ll ask you a few questions to understand what led to the injury and to get insights into your medical history as well. We’ll also take diagnostic x-rays, where necessary. In some cases, we’ll utilize our in-house laboratory services to better tailor your treatment plan. Depending on the outcome of the evaluation, our care providers will recommend the appropriate treatment, which may be any of the following:

  • Pain-relieving medication
  • Temporary casting or splinting, where immobilization is required to protect the patient against further injury.
  • Suturing in the case of cuts
  • Antibiotic treatment, which may be administered intravenously
  • Rehabilitation to enable restoration of your muscles and tendons

If you dislike dealing with long queues after sustaining an acute injury, come to Innovative Urgent Care Clinic. We offer friendly and personalized care to our patients, and your greatest joy is to see you back on your feet again.

Our offices are in San Antonio and Bandera, TX, and we’re always happy to hear from you. Call us to book an appointment or if you have any questions or concerns.

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