Ways to Deal with Acute Injuries

Ways to Deal with Acute Injuries

Athletes and sportspersons are more prone to be injured or have higher tendencies to suffer from acute orthopedic or chronic sports injuries. If you are active in the field of sports, more are the chances that you can pick up injuries.

With the advancement in the field of medicine and acute injury treatment in San Antonio, TX, you can be assured to receive the best treatments. Based on the level of your activeness, you may suffer from various acute injuries.

Common Acute Injuries

Acute sports injuries are more like traumatic accidents, which occur all of a sudden. This might occur as a result of a sudden fall. You might be hit in the game of sports or any other trauma. If you are in the field of soccer, hockey or gymnastics, you are more prone to suffer from acute sports injuries.

Constant pain, swelling and significant loss of functions are the hallmarks of an acute injury. The most common injuries are based on the age of the sportsperson and on those body parts that are most susceptible to activity. A recent study reveals that children below fourteen years of age are more likely to get fractures due to the open growth plates as they are in the stage of growth.

The older sportspersons are more prone to be suffering from the following acute injuries: –

  • Fractures and sprains of the ankle

  • Collar bone dislocation

  • Kneecap dislocation

  • Shoulder dislocation

  • Anterior cruciate ligament injury

Another common acute injury is a laceration. A deep cut or tear of the flesh or skin might be contaminated with bacteria and derbies and needs special care. Urgent care in San Antonio has developed over the years, and you can easily walk-in clinic in San Antonio to for laceration treatment.

Acute and chronic sports injuries are not the same. If you are suffering from an injury for two weeks or more, it is a chronic injury. You cannot identify correctly the reason for this injury or where the exact injury is. You might be suffering from a stiff neck or numbness in the limbs or swelling. A constant pain might engulf you, but you would find it difficult to pinpoint the exact reason for pain.

On the contrary, acute injuries occur suddenly and are more impactful. You might suffer a fall or a collision, and that might lead to the injury.

Treating Acute Injuries

The treatment of acute injuries varies based on the type of acute injury and its severity. Initially, the injury is accompanied by severe pain and swelling. Unless there is any visible injury, it is advisable to rest for a while to ascertain the exact level of injury.

Often the injury level also triggers an emotional breakdown. Younger athletes can explain better when they are calm. The initial treatment and assessment can be started at home and includes the following: –

  • Resting after the injury

  • Compressing the ice by covering it with an ice bag or immobilizing the limbs with a splint

  • Elevating the injury above the heart level to decrease the blood flow to the injured area to reduce swelling

  • You can apply ice to the injured area every hour for twenty minutes until the swelling subsides

By following these procedures, you can obtain an idea of the level and acuteness of the injury and can visit the doctor accordingly.

If there is a significant loss of functions of the limbs, you rush the person to an acute injury treatment clinic in San Antonio, TX. They are family-friendly and provide urgent, innovative and personalized care. With flexible hours of service, you can visit as per your needs and emergencies. The more conservative approach of treatment may be taken for minor injuries, sprains and strains.

For laceration, the initial action should be to stop the bleeding. You can apply direct pressure to the area to subsidize the blood flow. The affected area needs to be cleaned of dirt, derbies and worn out tissues. You may use warm water and gentle soap. Lacerations do heal even without stitches, but you can consult the doctor for better results. For a minor cut, the bandage should be removed after a couple of days to promote healing.

Bottom Lines

Not only sportsperson, but anyone can suffer from acute injuries. If properly examined, all injuries do not require immediate medical attention. Often rest and an ice pack can heal. Several critical injury clinics are available to provide the best treatment. If you are looking for treatment in San Antonio, TX, we at Innovative Urgent Care can help you. Our professional staff is available around the clock to help you with your injuries. Contact us now for a consultation.

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